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32. Administer Media

32.1 Upload media

There is an Add new button that will open a new form to make IsardVDI download media from an URL:

  • URL: Paste here any ISO file download URL or floppy. (Floppies can be used to add storage drivers while installing some OSs in hard disk).
  • NAME: It will propose by default the file name extracted from the URL. Change it if you prefer another one.
  • TYPE: Select the type of media being uploaded (ISO/CDROM or Floppy)
  • DESCRIPTION: Optional
  • ALLOWS: Allowed roles, categories, groups and users to use this media. Please refer to allows form.

When you click the Upload button it will start and you will see progress.

32.1.1 Uploading media from local storage

If you have your ISO locally in your storage and you want to upload it to IsardVDI you can create a simple webserver which url to the file can be filled in the upload media form in IsardVDI.

Python webserver example

If you have mycdrom.iso file in a folder you can start a python webserver:

$ ls .
$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer
Serving HTTP on port 8000 ...

The URL to download mycdrom.iso in IsardVDI upload media will be http://localhost:8000/mcdrom.iso