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IsardVDI Security concerns

By default IsardVDI in production mode will open some container ports to the public world as they are required (can be modified in isardvdi.cfg)

  • 80/TCP: Redirect HTTP to HTTPS and HTTP CONNECT method to proxy spice clients
  • 443/TCP: Web secure port and HTML5 viewers port
  • 9999/TCP: RDP proxy gateway port to connect RDP clients
  • 443/UDP: Wireguard VPN for client users
  • 4443/UDP: Wireguard VPN for infrastructure hypervisors. Not need to be open in an all-in-one setup.
NAME                        SERVICE                     PORTS
isard-api                   isard-api
isard-authentication        isard-authentication
isard-core_worker           isard-core_worker
isard-db                    isard-db
isard-engine                isard-engine
isard-grafana               isard-grafana
isard-grafana-agent         isard-grafana-agent
isard-guac                  isard-guac
isard-hypervisor            isard-hypervisor
isard-loki                  isard-loki
isard-portal                isard-portal      >80/tcp,>443/tcp,>9999/tcp,
isard-prometheus            isard-prometheus
isard-redis                 isard-redis
isard-scheduler             isard-scheduler
isard-squid                 isard-squid
isard-static                isard-static
isard-stats-cadvisor        isard-stats-cadvisor
isard-stats-go              isard-stats-go
isard-stats-node-exporter   isard-stats-node-exporter
isard-stats-rethinkdb       isard-stats-rethinkdb
isard-storage               isard-storage
isard-vpn                   isard-vpn         >443/udp,>4443/udp,
isard-webapp                isard-webapp
isard-websockify            isard-websockify

To apply a base security and complex infrastructure setups to your installation you have some example scripts for Debian 10 at sysadm folder:

  • This is not a security script, it is only the first thing you should do: install docker & docker-compose. Refer to documentation for other installation sample scripts or better go to the latests documentation for your distro at ([]
  • This is a sample script to install and setup fail2ban and manage ports in firewalld instead of letting the default docker open the ports.

Last update: July 7, 2023