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Quick Start

Follow these instructions to clone the repository and bring IsardVDI up.

git clone
cd isardvdi
cp isardvdi.cfg.example isardvdi.cfg
docker compose pull
docker compose up -d

Please wait a minute the first time as the database will get populated before the IsardVDI login becomes available.

Browse to https://localhost. Default user is admin and default password is IsardVDI.

You can immediately download preinstalled and optimized Operating System images from Downloads menu.

  • Start demo desktops and connect to it using your browser and spice or vnc protocol (you can test if RDP viewers in your installation with provided Slax demo desktop). Nothing to be installed, but already secured with certificates.
  • Install virt-viewer and connect to it using the spice client. Sound and USB transparent plug will be available.

Create your own desktop using isos downloaded from Downloads menu option or you can upload yours from Media menu option. When you finish installing the operating system and applications create a Template and decide which users, roles, groups or categories you want to share it so they are able to create a desktop identical to that template. Thanks to the incremental disk creation all this can be done within seconds.

Don't get tied to an 'all-in-one' installation in one server. You can add more hypervisors to your system and let IsardVDI decide where to start each desktop. Each hypervisor needs only the IsardVDI hypervisor compose. Note that you should keep the storage shared between those hypervisors, what type of storage it is up to you, it should be mounted at /opt/isard.

Please, read the rest of the documentation to enjoy all features.

Last update: December 1, 2023