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48. Grafana

48.1 Introduction

SGrafana is a web frontend that allows showing dashboards with graphs. With this docker you will have statistics in real time about your IsardVDI.

48.2 Installation

In the extras/grafana folder there is the docker-compsose file. You can bring the grafana docker up by pulling the image:

docker-compose pull
docker-compose up -d

Or you can build it

./ <image version>

48.3 Configuration

In your IsardVDI web interface, as an admin, go to config menu and activate grafana. Check that the parameters are correct (for an stand alone installation of IsardVDI it should be)

48.4 Access

Connect to your IsardVDI server on port 3000 to access grafana dashboards.

Default user is admin and password isardvdi. It is highly recommended that you change that default password.

48.5 Remote grafana host

You can put your grafana in another server by pulling (or building) and running there the remote yml:

docker-compose pull
docker-compose -f remote-grafana.yml up -d

You should then modify grafana settings in IsardVDI config menu to allow access to this remote grafana host.