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38. Multitenancy

The quotas can limit the resources used by each role, category, group or user individually for different items.

38.1 Introduction

Multitenancy IsardVDI installation allows for multiple organizations/companies to share the same IsardVDI installation. This is, the same infrastructure now can be split by limits into a shared infrastructure, where managers in that organization can administer everything within the defined limits.

This allows a new level of control as categories and groups in categories can have limits stablished (users, desktops, vCPUs, ...).

38.2 Configuration

In users menu administrators can manage categories that can have a manager user with full control over that category.

To create a new category with resource usage limits and user autoregistering (github/google) as an administrator user:

  • Add new category and set a name to it. For example we will createACME category.

A new Main group with this parent category will be also added in the groups.

You can create as many groups in that category as you want like Managers.

  • Set category limits by opening the category details and click in the Limits button.

You can set here quotas and limits for users in this category like by Groups.

  • Add new manager user by clicking in the users section and be sure to set his role to manager and the category to ACME and group to Main ACME

Now you have configured the ACME company with a manager and set limits to it. The users won't have any quota limits so you should.