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Role access

Only administrators have access to this feature.

To go to the "Config" section, press the button

And press the button

Job Scheduler

En este apartado se puede programar un "trabajo", puede ser una copia de seguridad o

  • Type: Cron (que haga el trabajo a una hora determinada), interval (que haga el trabajo cada x tiempo)

  • Hour: indica la hora

  • Minute: indica el minuto

  • Action: backup database, check ephimeral domain status

Maintenance mode

Maintenance mode disables web interfaces for users with manager, advanced, and user roles.

System administrator can create a file named /opt/isard/config/maintenance to switch to maintenance mode at start up. The file is removed once system is switched to maintenance mode.

Maintenance mode can be enabled and disabled via configuration section of administration interface by an user with administrator role.

To enable and disable this function, check the box

Once the box is checked, when users try to log in to their account, they will see a maintenance message

Last update: April 20, 2023