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Welcome to IsardVDI documentation.

IsardVDI is an open source Virtual Desktop Infrastructure deployment based on KVM linux virtualization and dockers optimized for quick desktop deployments. It can be installed standalone in a few minutes, but also can grow as your needs with multiple hypervisors, authentication methods, permissions, QoS, quotas and a lot of features.

The documentation has been split mainly in:

  • users Usage
  • sysadmins Install and setup
  • guests OS installation, optimization and personalization

Feel free to open us an issue with your request at IsardVDI gitlab repository.

Contact us at


These are the major features:

  • Simplified user interface to manage and access guest desktops.
  • Multi-tenant categories setup and tenant manager role.
  • Quotas per user and Limits per category or group: number of desktops, started concurrent desktops, templates, storage, media, vCPUs, RAM...
  • Grained grafana system usage statistics
  • Simplified infrastructure desktop Spice, HTML5, RDP desktop proxy videos behind only ports 80,443 and 9999 (can be modified)
  • Users autoregistration with Google and Github OAUTH2, OpenLDAP, Active Directory and SAML
  • Letsencrypt integrated certificate generation and renewal
  • All actions can be atomated with JWT REST API
  • Persistent and Volatile guest desktops
  • ...

Where it is used

We provide support to some installations on-premise:

  • Many Pacemaker+DRBD Hyperconverged HA clústers in secondary technical schools in Euskadi
  • One 3000 users dual Pacemaker clúster (Hypervisors + NAS) at Escola del Treball in Catalonia
  • Some companies

Also in cloud:

  • 75+ Catalonia Public Goverment secondary technical schools in Oracle baremetals cloud with actually +18.000 virtual desktops.
  • Online Public University in Catalonia using guests for AI compute

And there are other known installations around there (let us know your's if you want it included here!):


  • Josep Maria Viñolas Auquer I grow up breaking expensive 8086 with 1MB RAM in '80s decade and now I do virtualize them. Meanwhile I studied electronics and telecommunications and passionate about radiowaves and cycling, but not everything at the same time (yet). Teacher at secondary schools for +20 years
  • Alberto Larraz Dalmases
  • Néfix Estrada Campañà


This project grow up at Escola del Treball in Barcelona, where Alberto and Josep Maria were teachers and administered school infrastructure for many years. Néfix was an student there that loved the project and joined some years ago also.

Simó Albert, who is joining also the project, was the first to encourage us to publish the project many years ago after some beers and interesting conferences at FOSDEM.